Sunday School/Wednesday Night

Our Sunday School Department and Wednesday Classes are outstanding!  Our Sunday School begins at 9:30 a.m. and our Wednesday classes begin at 7:00 PM after at 6:15 meal for the Children's Department. We have classes for all ages including:

Adult Ministries (Sunday)

Elective Class in the Family Center, taught by Gerrie Bankhead.

Sanctuary Class, taught by Bobbie Northam from the Church of God Sunday School Commentary.

Bible Fellowship Class, taught by Adam Routon in the Adult Educational Wing (A103). 

Heart to Heart Class, taught by Brenda Farmer in the Adult Educational Wing (A101). 

Purposed Class, taught by Brandon May in the Theater Room (B106).

Student Ministries (Sunday and Wednesday)

Pursuit Student Ministries is held in the Mechanics Room (B102) on Sundays and in the Gym on Wednesdays and is taught by Aaron Routon. 

Kindergarten (ages 4-5) is taught by Tonya Mitchell in room (B104) on Sundays.

Kindergarten (ages 4-5) (The Little Sweethearts) taught by Tonya Mitchell in room (B104) on Wednesdays.

Junior High (5th & 6th grade) is taught by Tracy Cox in the SWAG room (B105) on Sundays.

Girl's Club, (Young Women of Valor) taught by Grace Jones in The Gathering Room (B103) on Wednesdays.

Boy's Club, (Young Men of Valor) taught by Haley and Isaac Jones in the Mechanic's Shop room (B102).

Children's Ministries

Sunday morning at 10:30 AM is our Children's Worship Hour in the small sanctuary.

We have Children's classes for all ages including, a state of the art Movie Theater Classroom, Mechanic's Shop Classroom, SWAG Classroom, and The Gathering Classroom.  Our children are taught the Word of God every Sunday and Wednesday by teachers who are passionate about our children experiencing a personal relationship with Christ. 

Nursery Care

We provide staffed nurseries for all services including Sunday School in our recently remodeled nursery department.