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August 19, 2016, 12:00 PM

Our Good Good Father

by Haley MaKenna Hardman


Romans 8:28 (NLT)

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.


            Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: God is not, I repeat, NOT against you. His love letter to you says right here in Romans 8 that He is for you, that He causes everything to work together for the betterment of you. When we get to the place where we think that God is against us, that He has some sort of beef with us and is trying to ruin our lives, we know that somewhere along the way, we lost sight of His immense love for us.

            I’ve said it before that God loves us with an indescribable love. That’s really easy to type because I know it’s true in my head, but when I’m going through a rough time where all hope seems lost, I could probably still type it, but admitting it to myself would be a completely different story. I get it: we all go through hard times, some worse than others. Life is unfair, things get taken out of proportion, people leave, kids are mean (especially girls…just sayin’), adults are crazy, evil is rampant, and most of the time, that’s just the beginning of the story. We’re told that it gets easier, but sometimes it seems that it never will.

            “So, if God is working everything together for the betterment of me, why do I have to go through bad times? Why must I have troubles? Since I have trouble here and trouble there, He must not love me.” It’s simple to come to this conclusion. Anyone with any sort of knowledge of God has probably thought this before. We’ve all thought that maybe God doesn’t love us, because “it would only make sense.” Honestly, I think that this conclusion gives us an easy way out. We become the victim, God becomes the unfair Father who has favorites, and we slowly slip away into the corner as if we weren’t noticed in the first place. In actual reality, all we need is a little perspective..

            Think of the GREATEST dad you could ever have- whether he be imaginary or real. Now, great dads kind of have this thing with their kids: they love them with an undying love. No matter what the kid does, says, or feels, a great dad will always love their kid because he just will. He needs no reason to love them because from the moment he saw them, his whole world changed and began to revolve around them. A great dad doesn’t want their kid to be hurt and he’ll take every precautionary measure to make sure of that. I think of my dad and how as I made a 6 hour drive by myself a couple weeks ago, he literally tracked my location the whole entire way because he wanted to know in his heart of hearts that I was safe. But, a great dad also wants their kid to be tough. He wants them to be able to handle their own and make it in the real world. He’ll teach his kids to “shake it off” when they get a small scratch or bruise. For instance, when I would fall off of my bike as I was learning to ride it, my parents would tell me to “shake it off.” Instead of crying or whining, I would start wiggling my entire body and then get so carried away giggling at my parents faces, the pain would disappear.

            Now, our heavenly Father is a good, good Father. He is the absolute GREATEST Dad that there ever could be. He loves us with an undying love. He created an entire world to revolve around us. He cries when we cry. He watches us and is on the field cheering us on through every endeavor we wander into. Just like our earthly great dads, He takes every precautionary measure to make sure we don’t get hurt, but sometimes we fall off our bicycles. Sometimes, our best-friend doesn’t show up to the park, so we have to play by ourselves. Sometimes a bully comes around and beats us down. Sometimes we crash our go-cart into a tree (I didn’t see the tree, okay?). Sometimes, a freak accident happens on a trampoline and we shatter the growth plate in one of our knees.  Sometimes we can’t “shake it off” and we need our Dad to hold us while we heal. And sometimes, we just need to stare at our Daddy’s face until the pain disappears.

            Don’t you see? He causes everything to work together for our good and He’s there to comfort us and help us back up when things go awry! He has no intention of letting you bleed to death on the side of the road. Even if He has to send a good Samaritan to pick you up, clean you off and take care of you, He will (see Luke 10:30-37). If He has to have four of your friends carry you and then break through a roof to get you to Him, He will (see Mark 2:1-5). Life is hard and crazy things happen, things that we couldn’t even imagine until they happened, but God is working everything for our good and He’s going to make everything okay.

            To be completely transparent, it’s taken me a long time to comprehend this fact, but that didn’t make it any less of a truth. So, if you’ve been hurt, look to your heavenly Father. Shake it off if you can, stare at His face ‘till the pain goes away, or let Him hold you until you heal. He’s good, and He has your well-being in mind at every turn. Don’t doubt Him.


- Haley 

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